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Family and Domestic Law

Family and Domestic Law

The Baltimore family law attorneys at Alperstein & Diener understand that matters within this area of law are sensitive and often emotional for the parties involved. Our attorneys are aware of this, and work with each family law client in order to develop an in-depth understanding of their unique situation. Our goal is to help families resolve issues while aiming to avoid the financial and emotional stresses inherent to these cases.

Family Law Representation

The Law Office of Alperstein & Diener provides civil representation to families and individuals involved in domestic disputes. Legal services provided to our family law clients include:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Alimony & Child Support
  • Property Disputes
  • Mediation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • DSS Appeals

Although divorce cases vary in their complexity, every divorce carries an enormous amount of stress for the parties involved. The family law attorneys at The Law Office of Alperstein & Diener are skilled and experienced in all matters related to divorce proceedings, including the distribution of property, custody arrangements and alimony. Our goal in each divorce case that we represent is to achieve the best possible result for our clients, while preserving and protecting their quality of life.

The Collaborative Process

There is an alternate way to deal with the divorce process and family law disputes known as the Collaborative Practice.  The Collaborative Practice is an out-of-court legal process that allows the parties involved in a family law dispute to retain separate, collaboratively-trained attorneys to assist the clients in settlement of their case without any court involvement, and without the costly and acrimonious back-and-forth that can occur during contested litigation.  The lawyers who are trained in Collaborative Practice assist the clients in working with one another to reach agreed-upon decisions that will ultimately benefit their family.  The attorneys as well as the parties commit to work outside the court system, which significantly enhances the chances of reaching a successful settlement.  The family law attorneys at Alperstein & Diener have been trained in the Collaborative Practice, and stand ready to assist our clients with the process.

Child Custody

Custody of children is often one of the most difficult matters for divorcing spouses, as it creates a great deal of tension among the family. Our family law attorneys are familiar with the difficulties that arise from custody arrangements and in cases of contested custody, and are well versed in these matters. We work with clients to ensure that custody disputes and arrangements are executed in such a way that the interests of our clients are balanced with the best interests and well-being of the children involved.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Divorce does not always fit the traditional mold. Alternative dispute resolution allows divorcing couples an alternative to the occasionally tense nature of divorce litigation, and at times can provide couples with the option for a significantly less stressful divorce. The family law attorneys at The Law Office of Alperstein & Diener have the ability to assist our clients in alternative dispute resolution and mediation regarding matters of divorce, custody arrangements, property division and more.


Adoption is a great option for many families who wish to add a new member to their family. However, the process of adopting a child can be lengthy and arduous—a fact which at times may dissuade a family. If your family is hoping to adopt, it is extremely beneficial to have an experienced attorney by your side. The family law attorneys at Alperstein & Diener have extensive experience in helping families throughout the adoption process and have an in-depth understanding of the legalities of adopting in Maryland. We can help your family to navigate the complexities and help to ensure the best possible results.

Protective Orders

There are many situations in which obtaining a protective order is essential to the safety and well-being of your family. Whether you have faced incidents of domestic violence, abuse or other threatening scenarios, a protective order can help to ensure that you and your family have legal protection and options for recourse. Our family law attorneys have extensive experience working with families to obtain protective orders, and understand the stress and hardship that those individuals face. We are committed to helping our clients obtain security and relief in such cases.

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The Alperstein & Diener family law attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best results for the clients we represent. Regardless of whether your case enters complex litigation, or merits mediation or alternative dispute resolution, our attorneys will work with you to understand every aspect of your unique situation and to pursue a strategy for your case that fits your needs, and those of your family. For additional information, or to schedule a consultation with a family law attorney, contact us.