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Founders Message

Welcome to the Alperstein and Diener website.

I come from a generation when lawyers were not allowed to advertise, when word of mouth was how a practice was developed, not search engine optimization. We met with a handshake and we formed our impressions of each other face to face, not via Facebook or Twitter. This is a new way of conducting business for me, but I am not riding around in a horse and buggy either—so here I am, diving headfirst into the internet.

I know that technology makes our lives better, more efficient, and delivers information a lot faster and more accurately.  And it makes contact easier too.  I don’t want to be one of those “In my day….” guys, but in my day if we needed to check in with the office between court appearances it entailed a payphone and pocket change.  Now, it’s as easy as pulling out the cellphone.

But I have also noticed some drawbacks. People seem to be using social media in lieu of actual interactions. Sometimes I see young people sitting at a nice restaurant texting to other people instead of talking to the people they are with. I think that they are missing an opportunity.  They are missing out on the chance to form a relationship or strengthen one that already exists.  Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer real life interactions to digital ones.

Hopefully you can use this website to get to know us a little better.  We do a lot of stuff, and we do it well, but if you only know us for what we did on your workman’s compensation case, maybe you don’t realize that we can help your neighbor with his custody issue, or your sister with her accident, or your friend with their divorce. You get the idea.

So feel free to look around, click on the profiles, read about our news, or use our references.  We have worked hard to present ourselves in this medium in a way that will be helpful to you, and hopefully you will get something out of your experience.  But the real goal of any form of communication is to create a relationship, so don’t forget to fill out a contact form, or just call us at 410-685-0990, and we can set up a real live experience, with real live people—the way things used to be.

Make yourself at home, I welcome you.