How to Choose a Divorce Attorney with Confidence

What kind of attorney will best represent you in a divorce? The answer to that question is highly dependent on your individual needs as a client. A competent lawyer who understands divorce law is ideal, but a good attorney should also have the ability to provide support during emotionally trying circumstances.

When choosing representation for your divorce, consider the following:

Costs and Fees

A lawyer should always be up front in response to a request for their fee schedule. In order to get the most accurate estimate of the cost for potential services, it may be helpful to follow up with additional questions about what circumstances can cause an increase in costs, and what alternatives are available should those situations arise. Although exact final costs are usually difficult to calculate up front, the attorney should be able to provide an estimate range.

Depth of Experience

When you are seeking to hire an attorney for your divorce, narrow the field by choosing from those who focus on divorce law. Divorce is different from many other types of cases in that both parties often must maintain some form of contact with the other after the case has concluded. For that reason, it is important to be represented by someone who can anticipate your future needs so they can be resolved by the divorce agreement before they even become issues. Because divorce can be a complex process, your lawyer’s experience is vital. You will want to inquire as to whether the lawyer has experience with specific areas that apply to you, such as custody or property disputes, and whether their cases normally go to trial or are settled out of court.

Firm Profile

Depending on the status of your attorney, you may be in contact with supporting staff more than the lawyer themselves, prior to trial. Therefore, it is essential that you are comfortable with the staff and other attorneys within the firm as much as your individual attorney. Further, ensure that your attorney’s team is organized, capable, friendly and persistent. A good staff contact will also likely save you money by acting as a client resource for questions or concerns.

Attorney’s Characteristics

Testing a potential lawyer to see how they handle emotional questions is wise, given the emotional nature of divorce. A good lawyer will provide emotional support while remaining practical and maintaining a strong grip on reality. A lawyer should instill confidence in you that, although you may not come away with every win, he or she will fight hard on your behalf.

In evaluating a potential attorney, specifically assess how adaptable to different situations they can be. Adaptability is an excellent quality and the mark of a first-rate divorce attorney. Divorce lawyers should be able to effortlessly adapt to the changes of their cases and the changing needs of their clients.

The family law attorneys at Alperstein & Diener are experienced in representing clients through various issues that arise from divorce. For more information on how to choose the right attorney for your case, or if you have questions regarding your individual divorce, contact our firm.