Warren Alperstein Explains ‘Legal Limbo’ in Officer Goodson’s Pending Trial

Warren S. Alperstein recently spoke to Mary Beth Marsden on Maryland’s News Now regarding the current state of Officer Caesar Goodson’s trial after Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals, Maryland’s second highest court, delayed his circuit court trial date. Officer Goodson drove the van that transported Freddie Gray, and he faces the most serious charges in connection with his death.

Mr. Alperstein explained, “the Court of Special Appeals brought the prosecution of Officer Goodson to a screeching halt, and we will now wait and see whether the Court of Special Appeals will come down and agree with Judge Williams whereby Officer Porter could be compelled to testify or in the alternative, will the Court of Special Appeals rule in favor of Officer Porter’s argument that [he] has a Fifth Amendment privilege not to testify?”

This process could take as long as three months to make a decision regarding the extent of Officer Porter’s obligations during Officer Goodson’s trial. Additionally, the Court of Appeals, Maryland’s highest court, could intervene and decide to take over and make the decision at that level. So, the legal teams directly involved and the public are on standby until further notice.

Listen to this WBAL News Radio in its entirety here.