Warren Alperstein Analyzes the Role of Medical Evidence in the Gray Case on ‘In Focus’

Warren S. Alperstein appeared on the ABC2 News segment, In Focus, to discuss the role of medical evidence throughout the trial of Officer William Porter who is charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

Mr. Alperstein explains that the assistant medical examiner ruled Freddie Gray’s death a homicide because after Gray was placed in police custody and the van made its fourth stop, he had indicated that he couldn’t breathe and needed medical help, which was not provided to him until the sixth stop. Mr. Alperstein also notes that the assistant medical examiner stated if they called for help at stop number four instead of stop number six, then this would not been deemed a homicide.

Mr. Alperstein proceeds to analyze the remainder of the medical examiner’s autopsy findings, and provides insight on what to expect when the defense calls Donta Allen, a passenger in the van with Freddie Gray, to testify.

Watch the video in its entirety here.