Warren Alperstein Breaks Down Freddie Gray Pre-Trial Hearing Rulings

Warren S. Alperstein spoke with ABC2 News anchor Kelly Swoope in a recent interview regarding the outcome of Wednesday’s (September 2, 2015) pre-trial hearing in the Freddie Gray case.

Although the State’s Attorneys opposed splitting up the defendants, Judge Williams ordered that there will be six separate trials for each of the Baltimore City police officers charged in the case of Freddie Gray’s death. Mr. Alperstein goes on to explain how this decision will impact the future strategies for the defendants and their attorneys.

“Whenever you have six different trials, or multiple trials for that matter, between co-defendants, there are a number of challenges,” said Mr. Alperstein. “One of the other challenges the State will have to endure is that every time a witness testifies in a trial they are subjected to impeachment.”

Watch the video interview and read the accompanying article here.