Workers’ Compensation: The Basics

For over 35 years, we have been protecting the rights of injured workers from all walks of life in workers compensation cases involving both catastrophic and minor injuries. As our client, you will always be kept updated on developments in your case as we pride ourselves in good customer service.

We fully appreciate the significant stress associated with a work injury. “Am I going to lose my job?” “How will I get paid?” “Where will I get medical treatment and how will those bills be paid?” These are just some of the many legitimate questions that you will have. We are here to guide you through this intimidating process.

If you are injured in a work related incident there are many important things you must do to protect your rights under the Maryland Workers Compensation laws, as there are many benefits available to an injured worker.

If you have been injured on the job you should follow several essential steps to ensure that your claim proceeds smoothly. Be certain to follow the initial accident reporting requirements so that if your injury is questioned at a later date by your employer and their insurance company you will have the needed documentation to support your claim. Below are tips to keep in mind:

  1. Report the injury or occupational disease to your supervisor and to your employer’s Risk Management Department as soon as possible.
  2. Obtain names and contact information of any witnesses to your injury.
  3. Seek medical treatment immediately, if necessary, and be sure to tell medical personnel when and how you were injured.
  4. Be sure to retain a copy of your incident/accident report completed by you and your employer.
  5. Retain copies of all medical documents relating to your injury.

There are many types of compensation and benefits available to you.

Medical Expenses

It is your employer’s responsibility to pay your medical expenses, which means that you should not have to pay for medical treatment. We can assist in providing you with the very best medical care at a convenient location.

Lost Wages

If your doctor provides medical documentation that indicates you cannot work as a result of your injury, then you are entitled to receive a percentage of your wages, called Temporary Total Disability Benefits.

When you have been discharged from treatment we will assist you in determining any Permanent Partial Disability as a result of your injury. This monetary award is payable to you and represents your permanent disability. Factors will include your symptoms that remain as well as how your injury has adversely effected your professional, personal, and social life. Your compensation will also be based on industry rates for compensation.

Future Medical Expenses

Your employer is required to pay future medical expenses if your need for treatment is directly related to the original work injury. This lifetime benefit remains with you regardless of whether you are employed at the job where you were originally injured.

As you can see, there are many important benefits available to you and it is our hope that we can assist you in preserving your rights under Maryland law. Your employer and their insurance company will be represented by a team of lawyers. Don’t you think you should have an experienced and aggressive team representing your interests as well?

Please call Warren S. Alperstein or  Robert H. Wolf for a free consultation if you have been injured on the job.