Andrew I. Alperstein Interviewed by WBAL-TV

Andrew I. Alperstein was interviewed by WBAL-TV in conjunction with the recent arrest of a man who allegedly threatened several jurors at the Mitchell Courthouse in downtown Baltimore. 

Although Mr. Alperstein is not the man’s defense attorney, he offered his legal opinion in regards to the circumstances surrounding the case and the allegations:

“This kind of thing doesn’t normally go on here and I think the courts will have a strong interest in making sure they send a strong message to people that we’re going to protect our jurors. The court system needs to have a sanctity to it. When jurors are being threatened, it hurts everything. It hurts everybody. The system needs to operate with integrity and when people threaten jurors, that’s a real serious situation.” 

For more information, please watch the interview below or read the full story from WBAL-TV.