When a Warrant Warrants Criminal Defense

The Baltimore lawyers at Alperstein & Diener explain the benefits of having criminal defense representation if there is an arrest warrant out in your name.

People make mistakes from time to time.  However, even something as simple as a traffic ticket can result in something as serious as a bench warrant.  One may be issued if a ticket remains unsettled or a court date missed. The thought of being arrested at any time can be terrifying.

Here is some information about what to do if a warrant is issued for your arrest.

A Maryland arrest warrant is an official order that is signed by a Judge authorizing a police officer to immediately arrest the person named in the warrant and take them to jail.  There are many reasons why the government may issue an arrest warrant, including failure to appear in court, parole violations, unresolved traffic tickets, failure to pay child support, or probable cause that the person has committed the crime.

Police officers usually do not actively search for people with arrest warrants unless a serious crime was committed.  However, arrest warrants do not expire.  Eventually, a person with an outstanding warrant in their name may be apprehended.  Police officers usually perform quick warrant checks on most people with whom they initiate contact.  An arrest warrant is often discovered if the person is pulled over for a routine traffic offense, or when they attempt to renew their Maryland driver’s license.  So avoiding the warrant may not be the best solution.

There are few options for dealing with an arrest warrant in Maryland.  Depending on the nature of the case, people with an arrest warrant in Maryland can resolve the issue by calling or visiting their local courthouse.

In bench warrant cases, a Maryland criminal defense lawyer can help.  A defense lawyer can file a motion if there is a good reason why the person failed to appear at court.  The Maryland courts are often understanding if there was an illness, major crisis, or other good cause for a failure to appear.

Although no lawyer can guarantee that a warrant will be removed, having a criminal defense lawyer can help show that the person with warrant is taking the matter seriously.  For more information about how to deal with an arrest warrant in Maryland. 

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