Everything You Need To Know About Representing DUI Clients

Arthur Alperstein participated in a seminar on Wednesday November 6th entitled “Everything you need to know about representing DUI clients in Maryland Courts and before the Office of Administrative Hearings”.  The seminar was sponsored by the Bar Association of Baltimore City’s Continuing Legal Education Committee.  Mr. Alperstein teaches these seminars as part of his ongoing efforts to share his knowledge and experience for the betterment of the legal profession. 

Presenters at the training session included: the Honorable J. Bernard McClellan, Executive Administrative Law Judge for The Office of Administrative Hearings; the Honorable Joan Bossman Gordon of the District Court for Baltimore City; and Detective Patty Silver Bauer of the Baltimore City Police Department’s “Crash Team” and former DUI instructor for the police academy.

Attendees at the event were presented with a primer on representing accused drunk drivers through both stages of their case: the criminal justice portion relating to tickets; and the administrative portion which relates to the status of the driver’s license.

Subject matter included recommendations related to factual trial issues, potential defenses, recommended pre-trial mitigation strategies, and, of course, a concise and up-to-date summary of the applicable statutes and current caselaw.

As the holiday season approaches and law enforcement focuses on apprehension of drunk drivers it is a great time to remind you not to drink and drive, but if you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, don’t hesitate—contact the lawyers who know how to represent you, not just in the criminal case, but also at the hearings related to your privilege to drive.  

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