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Warren Alperstein Breaks Down Judge Williams’ Ruling From Recent Hearing in Gray Case

During the October 13 hearing of the Freddie Gray case, Judge Barry Williams ruled that the statements given by the charged officers during the police department’s internal investigation can be used as evidence. After hearing the arguments provided by prosecutors and defense attorneys, Judge Williams reasoned that the statements were given voluntarily, and therefore, are admissible as evidence in their own trials and potentially in the trials of their fellow colleagues.

Warren Alperstein notes, “The law says that a jury, the trier of fact, can ultimately decide whether or not these statements were voluntarily given. They can still make that determination. But look, at the end of the day, Judge Williams determined that the State met its burden – that these statements were given voluntarily, free of any coercion or duress.”

Read the recap of the hearing and watch the accompanying video that features Mr. Alperstein here.