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Workers Comp

At Alperstein and Diener, we have experienced attorneys and legal staff who represent persons hurt on the job. We regularly represent people suffering from injuries, both minor and catastrophic, even including death from injuries sustained on the job. Every case is unique and our ability to document and investigate not only the effect, but also the cause of the injury, can be crucial in determining the value of your case, and the sooner we get started the more we can accomplish. Documentation and physical evidence may get lost, damaged or destroyed over time if you delay. Start immediately, and start with us.

Keep in mind that injuries don’t always happen as a result of an accident, sometimes they are the result of the work itself, from exposure to harmful agents, to repetitive motion injuries, all injury or disability can be the basis for a claim. If you believe that your ailment is a result of your employment then you should preserve all of your rights to compensation, and you can do so by getting competent and zealous representation. We will pursue your benefits including any lost wages, medical treatment and a monetary disability award for your injury.

If you are wondering whether or not you need an attorney on your side in these types of cases, ask yourself this question: Does your employer have a lawyer? How about their insurance company?  If they have lawyers—why shouldn’t you?

There is never a charge for a consultation to discuss workplace injury, and there is no fee if we are not successful in representing you for your claim. If you want to discuss your rights for an injury or damage you are suffering that is related to your employment please call 410-685-0990 and ask to speak with Robert Wolf or Warren Alperstein.