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Criminal Law

If you find yourself charged with a crime in Maryland, you know you need a lawyer. Convictions can lead to fines, probation or even incarceration. Collateral consequences of convictions can include violations of parole/probation, problems with immigration, loss of Second Amendment freedoms and a long list of other possibilities.

If you, or a family member or friend, has been charged with a crime you should get a lawyer immediately. If the charged person has been released from jail then you should schedule a free consultation during which we will discuss your charges, possible consequences, and begin the process of exploring your defenses.

If the charged person is sitting in jail awaiting trial we can make arrangements to go visit them in jail and discuss the case in person. If we charge a fee to visit the jail we will credit that fee toward the fee for representation if we are hired on the case.

If you have not been charged with a criminal offense but are being investigated, or fear that you may be in the future then call to schedule an appointment to discuss with Arthur S. Alperstein, Andrew I. Alperstein, Warren S. Alperstein,  Christopher P. Wheatcroft, or Robert H. Wolf.