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Alperstein & Diener helps Boston Marathon Survivor, Erika Brannock, celebrate and honor first responders


The four-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing brought up many emotions for all who were effected, both directly and indirectly, by the tragedy which caused three fatalities and hundreds of injuries. One of the injured was a Towson preschool teacher, Erika Brannock, who lost part of her leg as she stood near the finish line cheering on her mother who was running that day.

The injury changed Brannock’s life in innumerable ways. “It’s still hard when I think back on that day and how much my life has changed,” she said. “I never thought I would be able to pick up a kid again, or swim.” But those thoughts didn’t keep her down for long. With the help of an incredible team of doctors, family, friends and students, Erika is walking again and teaching again.  She continues to devote her life to children, but also focuses her attention on charitable work and caring for those who helped make her recovery possible.

In an effort to support her recovery, family and friends created the annual Touch-A-Truck event at Erika’s preschool.  Alperstein & Diener attorney and event organizer Christine Britton described the creation of the event stating, “we knew, within days of the bomb going off, we had to create an event that would make her smile and kids smile and that’s how Touch-A-Truck was born.”

The event gives children the opportunity to engage in hands on learning by climbing into and onto vehicles from various occupations including police and fire personnel.  The proceeds from this year’s Touch-A-Truck event, held on April 22nd, benefited the Providence Volunteer Fire Company to help make their indispensable work possible. “First responders don’t usually get the kind of recognition they deserve, and I think it is a way to really honoring them” Brannock said, “They’ve been the most crucial part, without [their] support, I’d be in a deep dark hole the rest of my life.”


Alperstein & Diener proudly sponsors the event, recognizing the importance of serving our community and appreciating the joy Touch-A-Truck brings.  Despite the rainy weather at this year’s event, Touch-A-Truck raised $2,000.00 for the Fire Company.  Alperstein & Diener, along with other sponsors like Mission Barbeque and Davenport Preschool, Erika’s employer, hope to make next year’s event, remembering the 5th anniversary of the bombing, an even bigger tribute to the sacrifices which were made on April 15, 2013 and which continue to be made by brave first-responders every day.